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Persepolis on turismimagnetiks Sherkat-e Zerā`atī, Iraan

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23 April 2013

Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. In the year 330 BCE Alexander the Great conquered the Persepolis and after looting its treasures, burned it to the ground.

7 October 2014

Artistically cut stones used to be joined together using lead clips to make them resistant to earthquakes. Metal clips must be replaced or more cracks in the stones would appear over time.

7 October 2014

It is speculated that in this wonderful carving the lion and the cow are symbols of spring and winter. The lion conquers over the cow as the first day of spring (Nowruz) emerges.

7 October 2014

Two giant sphinxes depicted with bull's body, eagle's wings, and bearded man's head are standing at the eastern doorway of the Gate of All Nations.

Karan Jami
3 May 2014

A majestic presentation of Persian art and architecture, in one word Pride of the Persians

Anna Chernova
2 April 2013

Avoid Nowruz' crowds. Awesome stuff. "Pay your taxes" bas-reliefs.

6 October 2014

Trained guides are available, but they only accompany a group of visitors if they are paid 35 thousand Tomans. The more the number of people in the group, the less every individual's share.

Mohammad HS
25 August 2014

You Should see here before Die ,,,

Faraz Culture
31 December 2013

Always a new and unforgettable experience

Vojta Pohunek
23 July 2017

Awesome! Must-see if you're travelling around Shiraz.

Hooman Shalchi
30 April 2017

Words can not describe it! Fascinating-Amazing-Spectacular. DO NOT miss it if you are around.

Armin Ar
24 June 2013

افتخار ، لذت و غرور ایرانی بودن رو برات زنده می کنه هر وقت تو این بخش تاریخ قدم میزنی

Tannaz Nouri
10 July 2016

به جرات ميگم كه موزه لوور پاريس كنار گوشمون ولي قدر نميدونيم 😔

Vahid Vahabi
5 June 2015

باید برای گشتن و دیدن اینجا چند ساعت وقت گذاشت. پیشنهادم اینه که تنها باشین و توی یک روز خلوت. با آرامش و تمرکز فکر کنین و فکر کنین و فکر کنین...

Denis Vasilev
10 March 2015

Развалины древней столицы персидской империи, когда все фигурки и статуи были цветные!

Katiiii Miss
2 November 2014

حس عجيبى داره !!! هربار كه ميبينم اين حسو دارم ...

5 September 2014

There is no place for electric device charging , جايي واسه شارژ وصايل برقي نيست،

MOstafa Askarnezhad
2 August 2014

میدونستین اون موقع شبکه فاضلاب داشته …

Sarah Mohamadian
23 May 2014

به نظرم بليط ورودى مهمترين اثر ملى كشورمون خيلى ناچيزه! و مراقبت ازش نميشه... كاملن واضح بود :-(

Hassan Fallahian
22 March 2013

امروز 2 نفری اینجا عشق کردیم . آدم اینجا محو و غرق میشه تو عظمتش

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