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Military memorials and cemeteries in Mont Saint-Jean

Lion's Mound

Lion's Mound on turismimagnetiks Mont Saint-Jean, Belgia

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✨Isabelle V. R. ✨
17 July 2013
Watch the two movies before you climb the stairs to the lion statue. Nice overview on top.
Peter De Rop
22 February 2012
Lovely place. Shame the people in the vicinity have a café and don't seem to like their job very much.
10 November 2015
Too bad it's expensive and you can't only see the "butte du lion" you need to pay also the museum and something else.
Donald Valkaert
27 October 2015
Rather expensive to just go up the hill (16 EUR), though the ticket also includes entrance to different attractions.
Johan Van Roy
2 August 2010
Climb the lion hill and have a picknick on top of the monument, enjoy the great panorama of the battlefields and let them eat cake!Price: 2,73 €
VIviane Côté
20 March 2018
The 4d movie makes you feels part of the battle. Great museum and panorama as well.
4sq SUs Belgium
30 June 2016
Climb the 226 steps leading to the lion on top of the 43m artificial hill for a view overlooking the Waterloo battlefield. The lion symbolizes victory and the hope of peace for Europe.
20 December 2015
Panoramic views
20 December 2015
Newly renovated museum underground. Awesome exhibits v modern
Joseph Terranella
26 August 2015
The 200+ steps are worth it for the view
Nacho Maans
25 August 2015
The new museum/memorial is interesting and entertaining. A big improvement on the old panorama and dusty museum
Alberto Dati
10 August 2013
Vive l'Empereur!
Gregory Lehmann
23 April 2013
Pleins de bonnes bières au fut... Comme la Chouffe, la Liefmans ou encore la De Koninck! Bonne dégustation!
4 March 2013
A la rescousse du PETIT !!!!
Stéphane Petiau
23 September 2017
Très chouette
Helene Muckensturm
26 March 2017
Très cher pour ce que c'est. On voit mieux le lion d'en bas que d'en haut.
Kristof Vanstechelman
15 August 2016
Amai, heel duur!
🌍 ✔
11 January 2016
1. Napolyon'un son savaşının olduğu ve sürgüne yollandığı yer müzesi gezilmeli...
Stephane Dutrannois
11 November 2015
19€ /personne, trop honéreux quand on vient en famille.
Vardan Enfendzhyan
16 July 2015
Историческое место. Красиво преподносится.
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