Rannad kataloogis The Bight

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach on turismimagnet, üks Rannad asukohtadest The Bight , Türklased ja Caicos saared . See asub: 660 km alates Port Paix, 690 km alates Cap-Haïtien, 820 km alates Port Plata.

Vabandame, kuid praegu pole meil Eesti selle turismiobjekti kohta nimega Grace Bay Beach »üksikasjalikku teavet. Kui saate meile midagi huvitavat öelda, siis palun tehke seda ! Teave saidi Grace Bay Beach kohta on saadaval järgmistes keeltes: English



, N21°47'58", W72°10'25". Hangi juhised


Tonie Wan
29 June 2018
The best beach that I’ve been to yet! The whitest sand, clearest water and super clean. Could walk this forever and not get tired of how beautiful it is.
Terence Chan
10 January 2018
Busier than most beaches because it's most accessible via all the resorts and shops but also quite nice with not much seaweed. Waves can be big at times so go early.
Udayan U
6 January 2017
Amazing beach. Things to do -- grab local food at Flamingo(or Ricky's), soak the sun on the beach, rent a hobey cat and sail away!
Mike Winston
21 January 2014
The most crystal clear water I've ever seen and the silkiest sand I've ever felt. Absolutely beautiful. Read all about my visit on WinstonWanders below!
Denis Fernandes
16 August 2016
Club med you can pay for the day and use various sea equipment like stand up paddle, boats, kayaks, etc.
marco Giunta
3 July 2013
Grace Bay Resort was awesome... People are great and TRULY friendly.... You will have a great time ... Eat early no food after 10 pm and No Drinkies after 12
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West Bay Club

Lähteaine $308

Beach House - All Inclusive Adults Only

Lähteaine $786


Lähteaine $1688

Coral Gardens on Grace Bay

Lähteaine $319

Beach House Turks and Caicos

Lähteaine $0

Reef Residences

Lähteaine $299

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