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American Museum of Natural History

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American Museum of Natural History on turismimagnetiks New York, Ameerika Ühendriigid

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7 December 2010
The Full Moon Exhibition in the Rose Center contains more than 75 rarely seen photographic prints from NASA's Apollo missions to the moon and are done in both impressive scale and stunning quality.
Ray F.
31 January 2010
Giant whale hanging from the ceiling is a must see.
Time Out New York
13 September 2010
See a six-foot-tall human statue whose body parts are sized in proportion to the amount of sensory information each transmits to the brain, in the interactive "Brain: The Inside Story" exhibition.
Drew Matthews
26 July 2010
Free wifi awesome!
Time Out New York
23 November 2011
The museum sponsored Robert Peary’s expedition to the North Pole, and in Greenland he discovered the largest buried meteorite in the world, Cape York. Three chunks of it are on display here.
Matt S
29 March 2010
Save time and DON'T go thru the front entrance on Central Park West to get in. Instead, go in thru the planetarium on 81st and pay using the automated kiosks. Way shorter line.
Sabine Dufaux
21 February 2010
See the Dinosaurs (especially T-Rex) and the Blue Whale
24 June 2010
Check out the dinosaurs, of course.
28 March 2010
The donation is suggested. Pay about $2 per person but be prepared to get judgement eyes from the cashier
American Museum of Natural History
It might be cold outside, but the weather is tropical inside The Butterfly Conservatory! Mingle with up to 500 fluttering, iridescent butterflies among tropical flowers and 80-degree temperatures.
Time Out New York
28 June 2013
Last year, to add more realism to the Hall of North American Mammals, curators added actual pronghorn freeze-dried doo-doo collected by park rangers at the real-life Elkhorn Ranch in Montana.

Memphis Fraser
20 June 2010
Love to just chill underneath the Whale.
Sandor Weisz
29 April 2013
"This is a pretty shitty zoo." –My three-year-old
13 February 2010
Got kids? Make 'em use the stairs. They'll sleep well that night.
James Thostenson
30 April 2012
As mayor, i would like to put forth good will and understanding to my populace. Love one another, love science and most of all - be kind!
New York Habitat
4 October 2011
This huge museum has something for everyone with its broad range of exhibits. Get off at the 81st St. stop on the 1-train which takes you right into the lower level of the museum itself.
Movie Mayor
21 October 2010
In 2006's "Night At the Museum" Ben Stiller begins a new job at the American History Museum as a guard. At night, he has his hands full as the museum's collection comes to life and causes mischief
Lana Rocha
14 March 2013
Museu enorme e cheio de coisas interessantes pra se ver: ou seja, incrível. Me senti em "Uma noite no museu". Imperdível!
30 August 2012
Aunque el museo no defrauda a nadie, los visitantes más felices en la visita suelen ser los niños. Tal vez sea por los dinosaurios o la ballena azul de 29 metros.Una visita interesante como educativa
Natalino Simeao
19 July 2013
Muito legal, a atracão imperdível!!!!!
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