Fotod Parque Barigui

Who's the giant hamster?!, autor Chantal Wagner

Capybaras are very common in brazilian urban parks, this group lives in the Barigüi park, that is just 3 kilometers from where I live. I got really close to them, they are wild animals that got used to humans,. They allow approach within a maximum "safe" distance. When they feel that their territory has been invaded the dominant one bark to warn the others, that got away and jumping in the lake. Capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) are the largest rodents of the world. Their scientific name means "water pig", but their indigenous name is Kapiÿva, that means "Master of the grasses". They always live in groups next to water bodies and are herbivores. I was amused to know that they are kept as pets in United States and Japan, it makes sense since they are (mostly) docile and cute. I am sure that capivara enthusiasts would love to live next to a place full of them, for the most people here they are just part of the natural fauna.
Parque Barigui on turismimagnet, üks Pargid asukohtadest Curitiba , Brasiilia . See asub: 32 km alates Tamandaré, 50 km alates Colombo, 326 km alates Joinville, 770 km alates Florianópolis, 860 km alates Sorocaba. Loe edasi
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