Fotod Abisko rahvuspark

Talons of Light, autor Natalia Robba

We were lucky enough to witness some very early Auroras over the Abisko Mountain Lodge on March 1st. The skies were clear with only wispy clouds interfering come night time. As soon as the stars started to appear the Aurora showed her face =) She was off and on all night but nothing compared to the early show! A friend pointed out a part of the Aurora that appeared to resemble the talons of a dragon, since then this picture has always had mythical connotations for me. This photo got me featured on Nat Geo's photo of the day in May! Nikon D700, Nikon 14-24mm @ 14mm. ISO 1600, 5 second exposure
Abisko rahvuspark on Põhja-Rootsis Norrbotteni läänis Kiruna vallas asuv rahvuspark. Loe edasi
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