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Back view of Temple I as we approached the site. Comalcalco, Mexico The literal English translation of "Comalcalco" is "In the house of the comals". A "comal" is a tortilla-pan. Although this is a name given by Aztecs recently the Maya name has been deciphered and it is "JOY CHAN" (knotted ceiling). The Mayan ruins at Comalcalco are mystery to archeologists and other researchers studying the unique architectural style of the ancient city. Other Mesoamerican of the Maya, were built using hand carved limestone blocks - not bricks.
Comalcalco on turismimagnet, üks Mesoameerika saidid asukohtadest Comalcalco , Mehhiko . See asub: 42 km alates Paraíso, 130 km alates Villahermosa, 510 km alates Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Loe edasi
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