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Jogon-in: Ungyo, autor jpellgen (@1179_jp)

The main gate of Jogon-in. Technically, it is a niomon--meaning that it is guarded on the left and right by Deva kings, Agyo and Ungyo. Ungyo is pictured here. He is so named because of the closed mouth posture he takes (think of the sounds you would make with a closed mouth and you will figure it out). Jogon-in is a Buddhist temple in Azuchi which is located in rural Shiga prefecture along the shores of Lake Biwa. Azuchi was the center of power for Oda Nobunaga during his dominance of Japan. During that time he established a castle town here that included Azuchi-jo and other structures such as Jogon-in. This temple is famous for the religious debate of 1579 which has come to be known as &quot;Azuchi shuron.&quot; The debate is a major invent in the history of Japanese Buddhism. Although the debate itself occurred at Azuchi-jo, the controvery is believed to have started here between leaders of the Hokke and Jodo sect. <i><b>Jogon-in. Azuchi, Shiga.</b></i>
Azuchi Castle (日本語: 安土城) on turismimagnet, üks Lossid asukohtadest Shimo-toyoura , Jaapan . See asub: 211 km alates Nagoya, 233 km alates Ōsaka, 304 km alates Kōbe. Loe edasi
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