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Dollymount Beach - North Bull Island, autor infomatique

Dollymount is a unique beach that forms part of an island in Dublin Bay. The five kilometre long Bull Island is just 800 metres wide and is the result a natural build up of silt and sediment over a period of 200 years following the construction of a harbour wall in Dublin Bay. Dollymount lies on the south west side of this constantly evolving island. The beach is accessed from the mainland by means of a single lane wooden bridge or a wide causeway. Dollymount is a very long, sandy and quiet beach that runs the length of Bull Island and as it is just seven kilometres from Dublin city centre it is still classed as being within the city of Dublin.
Dollymount Beach on turismimagnet, üks Rannad asukohtadest Dollymount , Iiri . See asub: 24 km alates Dublin, 24 km alates Donnybrook, 640 km alates Liverpool. Loe edasi
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