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Dollymount Beach - North Bull Island, autor infomatique

Dollymount Strand, the 5 km beach on the island, is a popular walking and recreational area for Dubliners. Walking of dogs is also popular, though they are supposed to be kept under control, due to the Wildlife Reserve status, and in particular to fears of attacks on rabbits and hares. Many Dubliners learned to drive on the firm flat sandy foreshore at low tide; there are even (very low) speed limits posted on the beach. Today, access by car is limited to a portion of the island near the Bull Bridge and two sections reached from the causeway at Raheny. Stone bollards set the limits of these parking areas, which are on the strand or beach. This allows access for those who wish to sit in their cars and look out to sea watching the ships and ferries. While others park their cars, while kite surfing and walking the beach, on the sea-wall or in the sand dunes. It's possible to walk a circuit that includes the beach and St. Anne's Park.
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