Fotod Hackesche Höfe

Berlin - Hackesche Höfe, autor corno.fulgur75

(Mitte) Rosenthaler Straße The Hackesche Höfe is a notable courtyard complex situated adjacent to the Hackescher Markt. The complex consists of eight interconnected courtyards, accessed through a main arched entrance at number 40 Rosenthaler Straße. The complex was designed in the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau), and the first courtyard is adorned with a magnificent facade of polychrome glazed brick. The construction of this project follows a pattern of clear separation between residential areas, crafts, trade and culture, which distinguishes it from the backyards of the 19th-Century. Arch. Kurt Berndt and August Endell 1906-07.
Hackesche Höfe on turismimagnet, üks Huvitavad ehitised asukohtadest Berliin , Saksamaa . See asub: 730 km alates Posen, 750 km alates Hannover, 770 km alates Hamburg, 850 km alates Praha, 890 km alates Wrocław. Loe edasi
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