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Capital: Tripolis

Population: 6173000

Area (sq. km): 1759540

Languages: ar-LY,it,en

Currency: Dinar (LYD)

Domain: .ly

Phone code: 218

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Most popular cities in Liibüa

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Attractions in Liibüa

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Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna on turismimagnetiks Al Khums, Liibüa

Red Castle Museum

Red Castle Museum on turismimagnetiks Tripolis, Liibüa


Sabratha on turismimagnetiks Sabratha, Liibüa

Sabratha amphitheatre

Sabratha amphitheatre on turismimagnetiks Sabratha, Liibüa


Ghadames on turismimagnetiks Ghadames, Liibüa

June 11 Stadium

June 11 Stadium on turismimagnetiks Gúrghi, Liibüa

Atiq Mosque (Benghazi)

Atiq Mosque (Benghazi) on turismimagnetiks Benghazi, Liibüa

Benghazi Zoo

Benghazi Zoo on turismimagnetiks Garden City, Liibüa

Wadi el Kuf Bridge

Wadi el Kuf Bridge on turismimagnetiks Luigi Razza, Liibüa

Apollonia, Cyrenaica

Apollonia, Cyrenaica on turismimagnetiks Apollonia, Liibüa

The Arch of Septimius Severus in Leptis Magna

The Arch of Septimius Severus in Leptis Magna on turismimagnetiks Al

Benghazi Cathedral

Benghazi Cathedral on turismimagnetiks Benghazi, Liibüa

Tripoli Cathedral

Tripoli Cathedral on turismimagnetiks Tripolis, Liibüa

Wāw an-Nāmūs

Wāw an-Nāmūs (ka Waw an Namus või Wau en Namus) on vulkaanikoonus ja

Gurgi Mosque

Gurgi Mosque on turismimagnetiks Tripolis, Liibüa

Cave of Swimmers

Cave of Swimmers on turismimagnetiks El-Gióf, Liibüa

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Hotels in Tripolis

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Hotel and Club Lella Meriam

starting $31

Bravo Hotel Djerba

starting $78

Calimera Yati Beach

starting $122

Seabel Rym Beach Djerba

starting $63

Hotel Seabel Aladin Djerba

starting $92

Appart Hotel Dar Said

starting $30